What would you do if the books we know were banned?

What would you do if having books was CRIME?

In The Silence of the Books, we know a beautiful dystopia that treats the technology age differently, although we see how much technology benefits us, here Faust takes us on a journey through technological abuse, where decisions have been delegated to applications, ie , you don't feel like it anymore, you have a random app & #8230;
The book is divided in part, the first and the last told by little Alice, a child who loves to hear history and another told by another character who missed, learned and developed the love of reading (here I can't talk much, the interesting thing is to discover).
When I started reading The Silence of Books, I imagined a completely different book. But as I learned more and more about this book, I loved every discovery.
The character Alice, who at the beginning of the book irritated me with her insistence, won me over with her courage and pure heart.
Her family, who don't need names here, unfortunately like some families out there, were selfish, just thinking about themselves and leaving the girl more and more in need of attention.
Well, you can't talk much about the story itself, because you need to read and be amazed at every detail. Faust has a beautiful writing, poetic and full of feelings.
The characters are a little box of surprise.

And the books? Those forbidden?!, Here are cited leaving the reader curious to know which book the author is referring to.
I loved reading this book because it made me think of a few things, including:
* How far does the human being go to reach & #8220; perfection & #8221?
* If we erased our history, if we were projected, how would we be HUMANS?

We can't answer, can we? But we can keep fighting to make the books NEVER BE SILENT.
& Slowly hurry up & #8221;
Kisses and see you.


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