Dialogue with various branches of Art, The island and the mirror intertwines perennial themes such as empathy, memory, love, greed and guilt with current issues such as violence against women, cultural identity, xenophobia, the environment and the fate of refugees, in an inspiring story with reflections on the value of friendship, multiplicity of looks and the dignity of human life. 


Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Shipwrecks: (Short Stories and poems)

Isolated on an island, a wealthy businessman sinks in his memories of his wife and son. A barber appreciates his unusual craft. A matuto sees his life wreck with his country. In the hospital bed, an elderly man remembers his lovers for the letters of the alphabet, creating poems.

In common, the three tales and the final tale-poem (which brings together 26 poems) have the dive itself, like a ship that, even though it is already watering, carries the hope that one day, metaphorically or not, it will surface.

Conduct Adjustment Commitment. Theory, Practice, Advantages of Negotiated Solution and Environment

In Conduct Adjustment Commitment, all legal aspects of the institute are treated in depth and, with an interdisciplinary approach, specificities of environmental problems are analyzed. Using Game Theory, negotiation techniques are observed and the advantages of the “win-win” commitment model over the “win-lose” model of court battles are pointed out.

Fruit of more than four years of research (Doctorate) in Brazil and abroad, with extensive bibliography, statistical data, and reference to dozens of adjustment terms and ADR's (alternative dispute resolution), the work brings innovative study about the legal nature of the institute, using logical verification models absent from related publications.