Review of IG @asleituradarafa about my book “O Silêncio dos Livros”.
Hello my dear!
We have reached the end of our collective reading in partnership with the author @faustopanicacci . And I was really looking forward to telling you everything.
That's why this review is very special. .
& #x1f4d6; - The silence of books. & #x1f4d6;

This is the opening sentence of the book, an impactful sentence that left me very curious and apprehensive due to the simple fact that I cannot imagine a world without my precious books. Right on the first pages, we met a charming character, a beautiful and smart girl who couldn't have another name but Alice's. I identified myself face to face with this character, I found myself at that same age, returning from school with my notebook and a huge desire to know the world and its stories. Alice wants to know all the stories in the world, her curiosity makes her feel different from her colleagues and she feels invisible even in her own home. She lives in a world where books have been banned and anyone who dares to defy the law is severely punished. Alice still dreams about her uncle's books and the beautiful adventures told by her beloved grandmother, but that time is over and now there is only in her memory, and she tries to cling to every detail, But her life changes the day that at the returning from school she meets her new neighbor, Santiago, who has just arrived in Portugal. The two become great friends because he also likes stories and has some to tell. Alice's world changes from that encounter.
Santiago is another magnificent character with a mysterious past that will bring high doses of suspense and adventure to this plot, which all book lovers should know.

The author takes us to a futuristic world and at the same time makes a great declaration of love for literature. .

The silence of the books will tell the story of how the books were banned and whoever had them would be committing a crime and would end up being arrested. I just don't know how I could live in such a world, I would certainly be one of the first people on the list to go to prison, because after all I need books to live, dream and believe in better days, books have always been my best friends , my safe haven, faithful companions of adventures, so for me, a world without books would be unacceptable.
This book brought me many reflections and once again showed me the transforming power of reading in people's lives.
I would like to thank Fausto for the opportunity and for bringing this beautiful book into my life.
& #x1f4d6; & #8221; With books we can transcend the platitude of our daily lives, to know places we would never be able to go to. & #8221; ⠀
& #x1f4d6; & #8221; The book is the best non-human company anyone can have & #8211; although its & #8221; non humanity & #8221; be all questionable. & #8221; ⠀
& #x1f4d6; “That book chose you. You should read it. Books choose us. ” 

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