IG @readingpreciouss reviewed my book & #8220; The Silence of Books & #8221 ;.

“When you have little, you cling to that little bit; but when that little is less than little, it vanishes and is lost in dust.

Having books is a crime, report it.

The book reminds you of Fahrenheit 451, The Girl Who Stole Books, Brave World. And he makes many reflections throughout the reading.

The beginning of the book is already impressive and curious. Let's meet Alice, a charming, imaginative, dreamy and very intelligent girl. With the desire to know all the stories of the world. She was influenced to the world of reading by her grandmother and uncle.

She lives in a world where books have been banned, and those who defy the law are severely punished. She feels invisible in the family and school cycle, but still allows herself to dream, and to imagine.

Every day she makes the same journey home after school. But Santiago ends up meeting his new neighbor, who has just arrived from Portugal, and they end up becoming great friends. Alice nicknames him as "The grandfather of letters".

The book is divided into three narrative plans, past (narrated by Hilário, Brazilian), present and future (narrated by Alice, Portuguesa).
We will meet Hilário, who is accused of murder, but swears he is not to blame for anything. Time passes, and the hope of freedom fades, it is there that he meets António who, in addition to a great friendship, introduces you to the world of literature.

I really enjoyed reading, poetic and captivating writing.
It took me a while to finish reading, but Faust delighted me with his writing, and the subject covered in the book.

Wouldn't you imagine me in a world where books were banned and you?

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