IG @rabiscosdeleitora reviewed my book & #8220; O Silêncio dos Livros & #8221 ;.

In this book we are going to enter a time when books were totally prohibited, you couldn't have or read, nothing, no book is wanted.

& #8220; HAVING BOOKS IS CRIME. REPORT. & #8221;

The story is divided into three parts:

The first, we met a little girl named Alice, curious, smart and very intelligent, let's get to know a little about her life and her family.
One day on his return from school, he meets the new neighbor Santiago Pena who had just arrived in Portugal, with a mysterious but friendly air, a storyteller, who, wherever he went, always carried a very curious notebook with him. Alice's eyes.
The two end up becoming very friendly and confidant.

In the second part we will get to know the story of the young Hilário Pena, who ends up spending half his life in jail, for a reason he didn't think was fair, until a moment & #8230;

And in the third and last part we went back to our dear Alice.

Huum 1 #8230 ;. does it have any relationship between Hilário, Santiago and Alice? Hurry to buy this amazing book.

& #8220; It was one of those periods of history so tragically grown up that the absurd is only visible to the eyes of childhood. & #8221;

It is a book that makes you think and evaluate several things and different angles in our lives.
For example: What we do with the time we have. How we live with our loneliness, and with the people around us, what we can learn or teach them.

This book will present us with several incredible literary references.
An immersive writing, very deep, simply magnificent, full of details, enchanting, that you start and do not want to stop.

It surprised me a lot, every page, every word, incredible.
We see how important literature is for our lives, for our knowledge.

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