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What would humanity be without one of its greatest symbols? Fausto Panicacci brings the answer in “The Silence of Books”, a new Amazon bestseller.

Imagine a society in which books are definitely banned and, if anyone has contact with one, is arrested. A great nonsense! But at the same time, a very real fantasy. Just look around. In the past and also in the present, at some point in history, book censorship took place. This scenario is described by the writer bestseller from Amazon Faust Panicacci in The Silence of Books, a dystopia that narrates the world without books, freedom of expression and knowledge.

With a careful, poetic writing and full of important references to literature, Fausto presents the mysterious Santiago Pena, who, upon arriving in Portugal, meets Alice, a girl despised by her parents, but with a unique way of seeing the world. The “girl”, as she is called, finds an old notebook and secretly keeps it safe, but for a short time.

The manuscript's content is a dive into the life of Hilário, a young aspiring architect who gets involved in a bar fight, which results in the death of a young man. Accused of a crime he claims not to have committed and oppressed by a system that seeks to track down a possible “criminal gene”, Hilário meets António, an editor who smuggles books from Brazil to Portugal. The stories of Alice, Santiago, Hilário and António are intertwined with that of Elizabeth, a photographer who fights for the law that prohibited books not to affect photography as well. Together, they risk their freedom to keep a dangerous secret.
In the midst of the plot, Fausto opens a deep discussion about the attempt to control people's art, thought and creativity. Current themes, such as the impact of technology on interpersonal relationships, genetic engineering and virtual identity, the exploration of universal themes, such as the great paradoxes of the human condition – guilt, friendship and redemption – are also present in this book filled with suspense and adventure. .
The work's success is also based on numbers. Faust achieved the title of bestseller in the magical realism category on Amazon and reached the top six in literary fiction on the platform. The work received dozens of positive reviews and tributes, and the writer was interviewed by major media outlets. The culmination of the good moment came with the print and digital reprint, with a new cover, layout and photographs, as well as translations into English and Spanish and sales in Portugal (one of the book's settings), United States, England, Mexico , Spain and Australia, among other countries.
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