IG @leituracomohobby reviewed my book & #8220; O Silêncio dos Livros & #8221 ;.

Hello guys! All good!
Today I bring the review of a beautiful book, which surprised me too much of the account!
I'm a little late with this review, because I already did this reading a few days ago.
Can you imagine a scenario in which we couldn't even own a single book ?! & #x1f97a; & #x1f622; Well, just thinking about it makes me want to cry!
For Alice, a beautiful, intelligent and curious girl, lives in this chaotic world, led by technology. And even worse: with a family that doesn't treat her well. She misses the stories that her grandmother told with so much love and lives unhappy & #8230; Until the day that Santiago, a new neighbor, arrives in Portugal. He is a born storyteller and they make a beautiful friendship. But, as something is never so simple or easy in the life of little Alice, the arrival of this gentleman causes dangerous anxieties in his family.
In another moment, we follow the story of Hilário Pena. A man who has been mistreated and imprisoned, but with the help of a great friend and books, manages to find a balm to fight for better days. . .
& #x1f4d7; “Hurry up slowly” & #8230; .

Genteee, what a sensational book! With a poetic language and several references to the classics of Literature, Fausto presents us with a mixture of suspense, adventure and reflections on the paradoxes of the human condition.
It is simply a must see!
Do you already know this masterpiece? No? So don't waste any time!

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