IG @ estante94 reviewed my book & #8220; O Silêncio dos Livros & #8221 ;.

My friends, what a perfect book!

The book will talk about the ban on books that started in Europe and has expanded to the whole world. But that is not all. Throughout the book we are introduced to a world where you can find out whether or not a person will be a criminal just through genetic testing.

Here we meet several characters, but the central ones are Alice, a girl who loves stories even though she lives in a time when they are forbidden. And also to Hilário Pena, a man guilty of murder, who doesn't like literature, but who changes his opinion throughout the book.

The Silence of Books is a book of unique peculiarities. Despite referring to other books already written, when you read it you will notice that it is very different from them.

Faust's writing is simply brilliant. Even though the book has an educated writing, you get caught up in the plot wanting to know, on each page read, what the characters' fate will be and how there is a connection between them.

One of the things I loved the most was how Fausto subtly put some of his legal experience in that book, introducing us to the absurd laws that shape the world in the future portrayed in the book.

The characters are very well developed, as well as the whole plot. And despite having few dialogues, this is not a nuisance, as it only magnifies this work.

The Silence of Books is a dystopia unlike any I have ever read. Subtly merging philosophy, legal processes, technology, suspense and a small dose of drama, which makes this book spectacular.

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